(Geared towards adults, open to all ages)

Nature Walks

Join Lead Instructor Lee Earl, experienced naturalist and Pine Project staff member, as we gather together for curiosity-filled wanders through the Toronto Humber ravine. These guided walks are a great opportunity to gather with like-minded people, learn about what’s happening in our local ecosystem, and feel inspired by the natural world around us and all of its mysteries. All experience levels are welcome!

Nature Walks are geared towards adults; however, all ages who feel able to respectfully engage with a given theme are welcome (those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult). Join us to learn, laugh, and build connections with our human and more-than-human community!

Upcoming Nature Walks:

Saturday, April 20th: Returning Birds: It’s the time of the great migration! We’ll be bird watching and enjoying the lovely sounds of bird songs around us. We’ll learn some tips and tricks on how to deepen your awareness of the birds in your local environment, identify different species, and examine their unique habitats.

Sunday, May 12th: Buds & New Growth: New growth is upon us! This Mother’s Day, we can celebrate together by learning about and appreciating the gifts of Mother Nature. What flowers are starting to bloom and which plants are budding? We’ll learn all about local botany and how different animals adapt to the new bounty of the plant world.

Saturday, June 15th: Wildflower Neighbours: Summer flowers are flourishing! We’ll be taking a closer look at the understory and lives of plants. What wildflowers are native to the ravine and what’s their role in the local ecosystem? You’ll walk away with some knowledge of botanical terms and a newfound curiosity and lens of the plant world!

Nature Walks
Nature Walks

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King's Mill Park (West End)

Saturday, April 20th: Returning Birds
10am-12pm OR 1pm-3pm
Sunday, May 12th: Buds & New Growth
Saturday, June 15th: Wildflower Neighbours
Price: $30 / person / walk

Full payment will be required upon registration.

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