The Pine Bursary Fund

Nature connection is for everyone.

Pine’s Bursary Fund is a limited fund that enables families who cannot afford the full cost of Pine programs to participate. While bursaries range from 10-100% of a program’s tuition, the majority of bursaries awarded are for 20-50%. We work closely with each family to understand their individual needs and explore what bursary amount is needed to make the program accessible to them.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Participants apply to register for an available program.*
  2. Once they’ve applied for a program, they submit a short Bursary Application Form (see below for deadlines).
  3. We review their application and work with each family individually.

Registered participants* are asked to submit their applications by the following deadlines to be considered within the first round of bursary applications:

  • March Break: January 9
  • Summer Camps: March 1
  • Outdoor School: August 1
  • Wild Deer: November 1

Please submit one application per participant per program. Following the first round, applications will be considered on a rolling basis, but we cannot guarantee the availability of funds.

Pine is now also able to provide support for seasonal gear and clothing! Please reach out to for more information.

*Bursary applications are only assessed for registered participants. Please register for your chosen program, pay the deposit and enrol in a payment plan prior to applying for a bursary. If you are not able to pay the deposit prior to receiving a bursary, please reach out to our team at We try our very best to work with each family to make the program accessible; in the rare case that we are not able to meet your financial need, we will provide a full refund.

Already registered? Apply for a bursary now!

Already registered? Apply for a bursary now!

Not yet registered but have questions? Please reach out to our team at