Sit in nature. Change a child's life.

Nature connection is for everyone. Not only those who can afford it.

At the Pine Project, we believe that all children have a fundamental right to connect with nature. Hundreds of studies have shown that time outdoors is essential for children’s physical and mental health, personal growth, and academic success. Kids should have opportunities to play, learn, and grow in nature, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Pine’s Bursary Fund makes that possible by helping children from lower-income families join Pine’s nature connection programs. Over the past 2 years, we’ve doubled the number of bursaries we award to meet increasing requests from families and reach more children within our broader community. We want to keep this upward trend going. In 2023, we’re aiming to provide 130 life-changing nature experiences to kids. But we currently only have funding for half. We need your help.

By participating in Sit-a-thon, YOU can make sure 65 kids don’t miss out on transformative outdoor experiences. Will you join us?

Sit-a-thon is an annual community challenge and peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, in support of Pine’s Bursary Fund. Each spring, amazing individuals like you take the ‘Sit Spot Challenge’. The challenge is simple – commit to sitting quietly in nature for a chosen period of time and inspire friends and family to donate to your sit. Sitters of all ages are welcome and can sit alone, with friends, or as a family! The official sit date for Sit-a-thon 2023 is June 18th, but you’re welcome to sit any time in June.

Every dollar raised supports kids from lower-income families to attend our programs, and thanks to a group of generous supporters, for a limited time you can make twice the difference!

All donations to Pine’s Bursary Fund are being automatically DOUBLED up to $5,000!

There are many ways to support:

  1. Become a Sitter to fundraise for the Bursary Fund while connecting to nature yourself!
  2. Donate to Sit-a-thon to help kids from lower-income families join Pine’s programs.
  3. Spread the word about Sit-a-thon by sharing this webpage.
  4. Help us connect with families who could benefit. If you know someone who would love Pine programs but cost is a barrier, tell them about the Bursary Fund!
  5. Get outside! Spending time outdoors, connecting with nature and your community is what it’s all about.

Interested in being a Sitter? Click “More Info” below to learn about what’s involved or CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TODAY!

Can’t be a Sitter but want to support?

Can’t be a Sitter but want to support?

Make a donation directly to the Sit-a-thon. Every dollar donated goes to Pine’s Bursary Fund, which helps children from lower-income families join transformative nature connection programs.


We are deeply grateful for the financial support that has allowed our children to continue with the Pine Project this year. There is nothing quite like it in their lives! My children are more watchful, more observant, braver, and more open to otherness because of the Pine Project. The bursary makes attending possible - what this money allows is ultimately shaping my children, and their children, and our future.

— Parent of two participants supported by Pine's Bursary Fund

Some of our past sitters!

Jen raised $1025 sitting for 5 hours in Taylor Creek Park
Jen raised $1025 sitting for 5 hours in Taylor Creek Park
Tatiana raised $200 sitting for 1 hour by Toronto’s waterfront
Tatiana raised $200 sitting for 1 hour by Toronto’s waterfront
Natasha raised $300 sitting for 3 hours in Huron Natural Area
Natasha raised $300 sitting for 3 hours in Huron Natural Area