Pine’s New Programming Partnership at Eastview!

October 18, 2022

In October 2022, Pine began a new programming partnership with Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre!

The Pine team couldn’t be more thrilled to join Eastview’s Boys & Girls Club each week and help bring nature connection programming to kids in Toronto’s Blake-Jones neighbourhood and surrounding area.

During the first week of programs, kids and mentors spent their time together talking about the animals that live in the neighbourhood (like raccoons, squirrels, hawks, and rabbits) and playing a game called ‘Fire in the Forest’ that features clues about the animals’ different traits. They also discussed Pine’s 3 agreements (to take care of yourself, others and nature) and checked out some local animal skulls up close. A wonderful start to the many adventures ahead!

We’re incredibly grateful for the support of Canadian Tire Jumpstart, who recently selected Pine to receive a Community Development Grant. The grant, in combination with other community support, makes it possible for Pine to start offering this kind of programming free of charge.

Thank you to our entire community for helping more kids to get outside and build strong relationships.