Home Sweet Home!

January 20, 2021 - By The Pine Project

Have you ever thought, “where do the frogs go in the winter?” or “what happens to the bumblebees when it gets cold?” These are great questions! Animals each have their own strategy to survive the cold winters in Canada. Can you think of some ways animals make it through the long winter months? What are the costs and benefits of these different winter approaches?

A common strategy is to migrate to warmer places, but imagine how hard it would be to walk to Florida! Some animals like snakes will hibernate, while other animals like deer and foxes continue to be alert and forage throughout the season. These are the animals that we sometimes see roaming around in the winter.

This activity will take you on a search for a variety of animal homes. All you’ll need is the provided activity sheet, and approximately 30 minutes (or however long you want your search to last!).

Can you find all of the animal shelters on the list? Can you find any additional homes that we haven’t listed!?

Good luck!

Click here for the activity sheet!

PS – Check out this great article from Ontario Parks about how frogs and toads spend the winter.