Fairy Homes Activity

August 26, 2021 - By The Pine Project

Did you know that nature is full of magic? Have you ever tried to look for fairies? If you’re lucky, you may see a flutter and twinkle around you. These small, rarely seen beings are found throughout our forests, ravines, creeks, parks and even backyards! 

Some fairies are thousands of years old and some are being born as we speak. These fairies are able to live in nature quite well all by themselves (that’s how they’ve survived for so long) but sometimes we make homes for fairies and they love that too!

We can make some fairies very happy by making them fairy homes! 

This activity is so fun! It will take a minimum of 15 minutes but may last much longer. It involves you, an outdoor space and whatever is around to use for building and decorating! That means it might be smart to choose an area where there are plentiful loose natural objects such as sticks, pinecones, stones, acorns etc.

The activity is simple – head out with your imagination to make a home for a fairy. Check out the activity PDF for other tips and some additional thoughts for caregivers.

Click here for the Fairy Home Activity instructions!

The magic awaits!