Covid-19 Crisis: Emergency Fund

April 28, 2020 - By Andrew McMartin, Executive Director

Dear community –

Pine has helped thousands of families – like your own – connect to nature. We’ve seen people transform through their connection with the natural world around us – and we want it to continue. For that to happen, we need your help.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on so many. At Pine, we’re seeing the impact of this pandemic up close and personal.

Our goal is to ensure children can continue to access transformative nature connection experiences when they need it most. We’ve launched a new online platform to host programs and share resources that inspire kids to get outside. And we’re working hard to keep Pine strong so that we’re ready to lead again when the time comes.

But the truth is, we’re struggling. We need your help.
Despite having already made difficult personnel and budget cuts, program closures pose a significant challenge to the organization. Restrictions on accessing government aid packages and looming uncertainty for summer programs only make the situation worse.

I don’t usually reach out in this way, but this is a crisis and we truly need your support.

Nature is still open – and we need to stay open too.

Our goal is to make sure we still have the staff and resources available to continue facilitating nature connection now and once the crisis ends.

Your contribution will help us:

  1. Ensure children can continue to access valued mentors and transformative nature connection experiences when they need it most.
  2. Reach more people with our online offerings, supporting connection with nature at this time.
  3. Last but not least… ensure we’re still here to welcome our participants back in person when restrictions lift!

Can I count on you to donate now? Remember, your contribution will help children connect with nature and build the skills they need to overcome challenges. This has never been more important.

From the entire Pine team, thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you.

With gratitude,

Andrew McMartin

Executive Director

We want to share our gratitude to everyone who has donated, including those below. Thank you! We truly couldn’t do it without you.

The Maile Family
The Moncarz Family
Kerry Myckan
Heather Pangle
Kevin Fallis and Brittany Rabinovitch
The Gliosca Family
Ian McMartin
Chris Gilmour
Nancy Hamm
Matt Forrest
Jennifer Pearson
Judy McMartin
Jeff Emberley
Dan Gardoqui
The Kennedy and Cox Family
Jeanine Petten
Patrick Bednarek
Julie Daniluk Consulting Inc
Bettina Heimrath
Anne Cairns
Alice Kent
Karen Tegel
Jen Aaron
Brennan Caverhill
Sarah Hawthorn
Emily Weatherston
Mary Wood
Maren Nielsen
Ann Symington
Jean-Marie Heimrath
Manny Pokala
Paula Vital
Grant Linney
Bonnie Penfound
Mary Sue Miller
Kimberly de Witte
Nathalie Emer
Jesús Gorriti
Marielle-Michael Lizotte
Michael McCarthy
Mona Zaidi
Paula Vital
Teresa Miller
Jonell Ebreo
Anna Wagner-Lopez
Melanie Harris
Valerie Moysey
Cassie Noble
Swith Bell
Marie Proulx
Rev. Jennifer Rennette
Sarah Nixon
Sabrina Jayabal
Vickie & Joe Hayek
Carrie Cox
James Moore
Kelsey Marchand
Kylie Stafford
Maha Sadaka-Archibald
Veronica Hyatt
Kate Riley
Jason Attew
Michelle Pennock
Andrew Stiff
Megan Kenzie
Malgosia Halliop
Susan Domingue
Adrian Iacovino
The Howard Family
Martha Dorion
Ian Smith
Jennifer Gillean
Elden Freeman
Lindsay Viets
Ashley Laffin
Jennifer Eisberg
Michael Bedford
Pat O’Neill
The Showman Family
Rebecca Armstrong
Alex Thomson
Julia Hitchcock
Katja Boucher
Megan Snider
Cindy Waldman
Milena Kras-Claydon
Sophie Kerenidis
Anne Fullerton
Stacey Bowman
Erica Spencer
Sarah Kern
Rebecca Mador
The Noel Family
Kelly Miller
Alice Frayne
Rhonda Sage
Liisa Repo-Martell
Rena Cooke
Mike Naumoff
Maria Peplowski
Andres Castillo-Smith
Mary-Kathleen Dunn
Dorothy Green
Paul Dowman & Jackie Allen
Dale Miller
Sunshine Horvath
Jennifer Hynes
Kate Spencer
Harmony Cohen & Philip Robson
Chantale Killey
KC Rogers
Andrea Menzies
Marie Dorgan
The Jamieson Family
Jennifer Hynes
Sandra Taylor
Corinne and John Moore
Patrick McGuire
Rebecca Lamb
Jill Waters-LeSarge
Alexis Asselin
Gavin Moncur
Emma Jeavons
Sarah Finkelstein and Daniel Beile
Sabine Veit
Dave Hunter
Crystal Luxmore
Shoshanna Saxe
Christopher Lewis
Patty Denbok
Rachel Mitchell
K,W&C Quan
Amy Coupal
Max Haber
Alexander Hutchinson
Sienna Csunyoscka
Kristi Green
Dan Abramsky
Laurie Alpert
The Ganzer Family
Lars Graefe
Tom Dyson
Silvia Novak and Brett Grantham
Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien
Raj Panikkar
Donna Bigelow
Todd Armstrong
Matthew Hoffmann
Kerith Paul
Eamonn O’Connor
Heather Chapple
Adam and Anna Halim
Hilary Hall
Gregory Sacks
Adair Roberts
Trish McKeough
Luke Ruvolo
Sarah Zelcer
Ian Emberley
John Park
Biljana Lourakis
Nat·lia Britto dos Santos
Eleni Gransden
Sophie Vayro
Karen Major
Jennifer Tristram
Yordest Young
Jennifer Stolte
Davis Occupational Therapy
Tania Gill
Kate Humphrys
Joel Alo
Lynn Skelly
Dylan Siebert
Sri Nair
Raina Milnes
Kirsten Thomson Architect
Sydney Badger
Sarah Lazarovic
Kristin Simpson
William Tang
Dinah Luxton
Beata Macklin
Claire Mozer
Jaclyn Jacobs
Sharon Singer
Leigh Graham
Alexandra Dean
Mackenzie Osborn
Angela Mitchell
Kathryn From
Martha Wheaton
Terran Vaivars-Szwarc
Tina Soldovieri
Anthony Wilson
Caroline Landry
Jana Reid
Kathryn Towns
Karina Haber
John Hulme
Naomi Barron
Andrew Dales
Judith Lipp
Trisha Foley
Sabrina Hale
William Gilmour
Tiiu Strutt
Philippe Koo Tze MEw
Melanie Birman
Kwong Family
Lisa Lebeer
Jane Kitchen
Brandon LeSarge
Eileen Tran
Michael Adams
Danielle Goldfarb
Evelyn Lurz
Geoffrey Peddle
Samira Mubareka
The Cameron/Gapic Family
Victor Ceni
Stephanie Bonic
Megan Ewing
The Earle Family
The Lawson/Smith Family
Lisa Rosen and Lee Anderson
Michal Javorik and Tashi Bieler
Erin Simpson
Lindsay and Aaron Rosen
James Morrison
Peter Loukas
Claire Kerrigan
Amy Packwood
Robert Jickling
Dominique Leger
Mike Phillips
Alison Pick
Joanne Murphy
Bridget Griggs
Elodie Young
Virginia Brown
Julia Bloomenfeld
The Ross Family
Anna Dawson
Laura Schreiner
Sandra Vitorovich
Robert McMartin
Bobbi Burnett
Liz Murphy
Gabrielle Gillespie
Julia Cheesbrough
The Orchard Lyceum
Martha Norman
Heather Morrison
Jennifer Milikowsky
Mila Redwood
Vanessa Deverell
Talia McGuire
Saya Szparlo
Kammie Armstrong
Blake Anderson
Susan Levi
Susanne Herbert
Bracha Stettin
Heather Dabrowski
Petra Baethmann
Lisa Campos Aziz
Stephen Reble
Wolfram Esser
Angela Stathakos
Ceccarelli Family
Benjamin Wise
Carol Simpson
Peter and Kat Kennedy
Bruce Lyne
Deborah Satira
Melanie Hamilton-Porter
Jennifer Deacon
Roberta Harris
Graham Withers
William Fyfe
Bryan Grimwood
Danielle Marcos
Bob Henderson
Hayley Lapalme
Anna Gorka
Brian Jackson
Andrea Kessler