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Opportunities for Adults with Other Nature Connection Organizations

Check out some of these great opportunities from our friends at other nature connection organizations!

Apprenticeships with EarthTracks (In-Person near Durham, ON)

EarthTracks offers two incredible Apprenticeship programs for adults to deepen their connection with nature:

Wild Plants Apprenticeship
This Apprenticeship Program is designed to equip you with a solid foundation in the many aspects of working with plants, both wild and cultivated. For one weekend a month for eight months you will develop skills and experience, learning about the Edible, Medicinal, and Utilitarian uses of plants.

Learn to identify, gather, dry, store, prepare, and utilize many of our plant allies as food, medicine, and tools. Begin to look at the land through the eyes of a ‘caretaker’ and not only harvest from the wild, but help to restore balance and harmony to the eco-system as a whole. Some of the topics we will explore will be: edible and medicinal plants and how to use them, caretaking and land stewardship, the spirit of plants, basket making, cordage (making rope) and survival uses, how to harvest roots, drying and storing herbs, extensive medicine making skills and much, much more!

This program consists of one weekend a month for 8 months from April to November.

For more information, click here.

Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship
The Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship program is designed to open your eyes to the tracks and sign of the wildlife that live all around us. Through this program we consciously blend the many skillsets required to become a competent tracker. We pay close attention to both the science and art of tracking, and give students the time and experiences to learn about tracking and natural history in a holistic way.

For 10 months, we will meet one weekend a month in various locations which will allow us to experience a variety of habitats and eco-systems. Each month we have a theme (ex. Track and Sign, Track Patterns and Gait Interpretation, Trailing and Aging Tracks, Ecology and Landscape Tracking, etc.) that guides our learning during our time together. Through the study of tracking we also learn about the ecology and relationships that the animals have to the natural world. Our skills as naturalists and trackers grow and we begin to recognize the many patterns and connections in the web of life.

For more information, click here.


Nature’s Language: Learn to Read Nature’s Story in the Tracks, Signs & Sounds (Online Course offered by ChrisOutdoors)

Chris Gilmour, Pine’s Wild Deer instructor and a long-time mentor in the nature connection community, offers an incredible online tracking course called Forgotten Language. 

This course is offered by ChrisOutdoors. But as an affiliate partner, the Pine Project receives a portion of the fees! It’s a great opportunity to both support Pine and build your own skills and knowledge. 

Through a mix of on-demand videos + activities and live online mentoring sessions, participants will expand their awareness, learn to interpret tracks and signs, broaden their knowledge of about ecology and wildlife, and more. This course is a wonderful chance to join a community of nature-lovers and learn at your own pace!

Some course highlights include:

  • 12-week training (lifetime access)
  • 6 Live Mentoring Sessions
  • Complete at Your Own Pace
  • 6 Workbooks & Field Journals
  • 20 + Prerecorded Video lesson’s
  • Online Community & Guidance
  • Audio Nature Awareness Meditations

Visit the Forgotten Language webpage to learn more.* Use the discount code “PINE75” for $75 off! 

*This course welcomes cohorts at different times of the year. You can check out whether it’s welcoming a new cohort now, and if not, keep an eye on the webpage or opt in for their emails to find out when the next cohort opens.

Opportunities for Adults with Other Nature Connection Organizations