Pine’s Learning Corner

January 20, 2022

Learn with Us to Grow with Us!

At Pine, we share a love for life-long learning. It guides us in our work and in our lives. Pine staff are encouraged to seek out and share resources that help us grow in areas that reflect our values, such as nature connection, equity and social justice, decolonization, and youth education. We’re excited to invite you into our learning journey in this “Learning Corner“.

Each month, we share a few of the resources that have our team thinking and talking. We welcome reflections and recommendations – please feel free to reach out.

May 2022

  • “Why I’m Sending My Child To Forest School And Not Kindergarten” (Article)
  • “10-year-old Algonquin girl shares the traditional skills she’s learned on social media” (News Article)
  • Early Childhood Nature Connection Toolkit, Children and Nature (Online Resource)
  • “Why Doctors Are Prescribing Nature Walks” (Article)
  • BIRDLE (Online Game)

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